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Registration - each participant registers at where he creates a personal profile. First, choose a company from drop-down menu and then subsequently introduce Name in Cyrillic, Name in Latin, Username, Password, E-mail. (the domain of the e-mail address is automatically set as right after the choice of company - for this purpose in the field E-mail should be introduced only the first part of the address before the @) When properly installed the address, e-mail with a registration link which activates the registration of participants arrives immediately; Successful registration platform enables its multiple use and application of all available to it at the moment and future courses. One registration/account per participant is eligible.

Participation - upon entering the platform, each participant chooses certification course, who wants to make, and is entitled to two attempts per course; each participant answers questions with one or more correct answer (this is indicated for each question);

Time - participation takes place within a specified time, on the expiry of which, the testing ends by declaring the result achieved so far - question number and points;

End the final result - the result of the test shall be announced at the end of the same, as at performance over a certain% of the possible maximum is generated certificate with the name and company of participants which remains available in the personal profile;

Certification courses are only available in Bulgarian.