Home News Over 60% of the healthcare professionals in Bulgaria have consented to disclosing their cooperation with pharmaceutical companies within the initiative “Transparency Builds Trust”

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Over 60% of the healthcare professionals in Bulgaria have consented to disclosing their cooperation with pharmaceutical companies within the initiative “Transparency Builds Trust”

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In June 2017 for a second consecutive year   the  pharmaceutical industry in Europe disclosed the transfers of value for research and  development  activities as  well  as  transfers  of  value to healthcare  specialists and  their  professional organizations – supporting  and  organizing  scientific  and  education  events,  registration  fees,  lecturer  fees.

Terms  and  conditions  of  disclosure  are  set  forth  in  the  Code  of  Disclosure  of  the   European  Federation  of Pharmaceutical Industries and  Associations and  the  relevant  National  code  of  ARPharM. Bulgaria as a member of the European family is part of this process.

The members of the Association  of  Research - Based Pharmaceutical  Companies  in  Bulgaria  (ARPharM)  also disclosed  data  on the provided  transfers  of  value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. More information about the process could be found on:

The  Code  aims  to  introduce  greater  transparency  in  the  relationship   between  pharmaceutical  companies and medical professionals. This cooperation is based on the exchange of scientific information between the parties in accordance with the highest ethical standards. The pharmaceutical industry aims to ensure these standards  by  achieving  a  maximum  degree  of  transparency,  so  the  campaign is  held under  the  motto  "Transparency Builds Trust."

"Collaboration between Healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry is essential for the development of   medical   science.   Pharmaceuticals    are   high  tech   products   and   their   development, application  and  mechanisms  of  action  require  explanation,  exchange  of  experience  and  knowledge between industry and doctors. Only in this way the proper and effective treatment of patients is possible, only this way new therapies can be developed", the Director of ARPharM Deyan Denev said. In his words, thanks  to  this  collaboration   doctors  have  the opportunity  to  continuously  learn  and  develop,  which  is beneficial for both the patients and the entire health care system.

The 23 member – companies of ARPharM and  some  other  research – based   companies  disclosed on  June 30th their financial  relationships  with  medical  professionals  and  health  organizations  for 2016. Preliminary data  indicates  that pharmaceutical companies  last  year  invested  in  training,  continuous   education  and  collaboration  with  healthcare  specialists and health organizations about  24  million  Leva  – 16  million  Leva  of  these  are  provided  to  medical professionals  and  7  million  Leva  to  health  and  professional  medical organizations.

About  66%  of  the  medical  specialists  have  given  their  consent  to  disclose   individually,  which  is higher compare to 2016 and shows  the  support of the medical community for this initiative.

ARPharM has announced that in 2016 the member-companies of the Association  have  invested in research activities in  Bulgaria  (clinical  trials,  medical  research,  non-interventional  studies)  the same amount of circa 150  million  Leva,  as 40  million of them have been provided by the local structures of companies.

By 2018 investments in clinical trials in the country are expected to reach 190 million Leva. The latest data show that annually in Bulgaria about 190 new studies are launched and every month the clinical development program is entered by approximately 1,000 people. Investments in clinical trials have very positive impact on the budget for healthcare. The majority of these funds are spent on medications to patients for treatment which otherwise would have to be paid by the NHIF. Another part is  used  for  the  purchase  of  equipment  for  the  centres  for  clinical  trials,  as  well  as  for providing comprehensive medical care for the people included in the clinical trials.

ARPharM  and  its  member-companies  support  the  transparency  in  cooperation  with  healthcare  specialists  and  healthcare  organizations  and  expressed  hope  that  the  consent rates  for  individual  disclosures  will  continue to increase.