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What’s next?


Diseases will not give up or disappear. Luckily, neither will science nor researchers. Just as they didn’t in the 1980s when the needle and the syringe were the only known way of injecting insulin, or in the 1990s when HIV meant a death penalty, or in the 2000s when destroying the cancer cells also affected the healthy cells.

The R&D pharmaceutical industry did not stop there. And we will not stop now. So, what are the medicines of the future?

What would it mean to slow down the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease? Could antibodies slow down our resistance to antibiotics and help overcome bacterial infections? What cell therapies would it take to avoid having aggressive chemotherapy ever again? And is there potential for gene therapy to reduce the toll of lifelong treatment?

The young scientists Alexandrina Al Jasem, Dr. Peter Eftimov, Dr. Alexey Mitev and Alexander Atemin  with more than 400 people present in the hall answered those questions at the event “What’s next?” within the Sofia Science Fest 2019 and focused on the benefits pharmaceutical innovation brings for patients and society.

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