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#WeWontRest in the fight against COVID-19

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the world, the biopharmaceutical industry in Europe remains committed to global efforts to care for those affected, contain the outbreak and develop resources to tackle future outbreaks.

ARPharM member companies are working around the clock to find vaccines, diagnostics and treatments and ensure patients get access to the medicines they need.

Worldwide, there are more than 100 vaccine candidates in development and over 600 clinical trials underway to find a treatment to use in the fight against COVID-19.


Every day thousands of people in Bulgaria get the treatments they need at the local pharmacy or in hospital. But this is just the final step in the journey of a medicine. The last step behind the round-the-clock efforts of pharmaceutical companies and their employees. Starting with research and development, production, clinical trials and tests, delivery, the medicine goes through various stages and countries before reaching the patients who need it. For more, watch the video.

The research-based pharmaceutical industry is working around the clock with extreme speed to develop a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 and to protect people from future spread. Pharmaceutical companies around the world are joining forces to make a vaccine as soon as possible without compromising on high standards of safety and efficacy. We are committed to making the vaccine available and accessible to help and protect billions of people. #WeWontRest as long as there is no COVID-19 vaccine for everyone.

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