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12/05/2019 Diseases will not give up or disappear. Luckily, neither will science nor researchers. Just as they didn’t in the 1980s when the needle and the syringe were the only known way of injecting insulin, or in the 1990s when HIV meant a death penalty, or in the 2000s when destroying the cancer cells also affected the healthy cells.

What would it mean to slow down the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease? Could antibodies slow down our resistance to antibiotics and help overcome bacterial infections? What cell therapies would it take to avoid having aggressive chemotherapy ever again? And is there potential for gene therapy to reduce the toll of lifelong treatment?

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A New ARPharM Main Board Elected

On April 16, 2019, at the regular annual General Assembly of the Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM) a new composition of the Managing Board of the Association was elected.

Dr. Krasimira Chemishanska, Executive Director of Amgen Bulgaria is the new Chairperson of the Main Board of ARPharM with a two-year mandate, and Dr. Svetoslav Tsenov, Deputy Chairman, Director of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary of Astellas Pharmaceutical Company.

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Life-saving treatments may not reach bulgarian patients in 2018 due to the moratorium on their payment imposed by the NHIF

Many new drug therapies that patients in most European countries receive may remain inaccessible to Bulgarian patients in 2018, the Association of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM) warned. The reason is a moratorium on their payment by the National Health Insurance Fund in 2018 approved by the Supervisory Board of the NHIF and submitted for consideration by the Parliament. It appears that due to this sanction the widely proclaimed increase of healthcare funds by 400 million BGN will not lead to improvement in the drug treatment of Bulgarian patients. Some of the new therapies are life-saving, offering more treatment options, and in some cases they may even be more cost-efficient for NHIF.

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Awareness Week 19-23 November 2018

Make your use of medicines safer: report suspected adverse reactions in children and during pregnancy.

For the second year, the Bulgarian Drugs Agency (BDA) launched an online campaign to promote the importance of reporting suspected adverse drug reactions.

The campaign, to be held from 19-23 November 2018, is part of an "awareness week" involving 32 EU, Latin American, Australian, New Zealand and Middle East medicines regulators. Regulatory bodies will jointly focus on enhancing the reporting of suspected adverse reactions in infants and children as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

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We were born to end patients’ suffering.

To extend life and improve its quality.

That’s why in the 70s, when infectious diseases passed from person to person, we didn’t rest.

In the 80s, when a needle and syringe was the only option for insulin injection, we didn’t rest.

In the 90s, when contracting HIV was a death sentence, we didn’t rest.

In the 2000s, when killing cancer cells damaged healthy cells too, we didn’t rest.

And right now, after decades of tireless medical innovation, we still won’t rest.

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