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Code of Practice on Relationships between the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organizations in Bulgaria

The Association of the Research - based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria is the repres entative body of the research - based pharmaceutical industry in Bulgaria. The Association integrates the world manufacturers and marketing authorization holders, operating in the Bulgarian market, investing in the pharmaceutical industry development through synthesis and formulation of medicinal products containing innovative active pharmaceutical substances. The main priority of the Association and its members is to contribute to the protection and provision of health and human life, assuring access for Bu lgarian patients to quality, safe and effective medicinal products for prevention, diagnostic testing, and treatment of diseases.

The research - based pharmaceutical industry recognizes that it has many common interests with patient organisations , which re present and / or support the needs of patients and / or caregivers .

In order to ensure that relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations in Bulgaria take place in an ethical and transparent manner , the ARPharM member companies have adopted the Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations in Bulgaria.

Members of the Association