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MoU to Boost Patient Access to Innovative Medicines

On 1 December 2015 was signed а Memorandum of Understanding between the Bulgarian Health Ministry and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, doctors’ and patients’ organisations is set to reduce the gap between Bulgaria and other European countries with regard to the level of access and uptake of medicines.

In recent years, the Bulgarian Government has demonstrated its commitment to bringing Bulgarian patients’ access to medicines closer to EU standards.  Nevertheless, pharmaceutical consumption per capita stands at one of the lowest level in the EU, and authorities face increasing challenges to improving this, such as an ageing population and a limited budget.

Based on a Letter of Intent proposed earlier this year by the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria (ARPharM) to the Health Ministry, the MoU lays the foundation for a collaborative process to address those challenges, aiming to create and adopt a new model for funding and supporting treatment outcomes.

A principal aim of the MoU is to transform the Bulgarian healthcare system into a more efficient and financially sustainable model, based on dialogue between stakeholders. This will serve to improve the access of Bulgarian patients to innovative and effective pharmaceuticals.

Signatories to the MoU have also agreed to establish a suitable mechanism to ensure budget predictability to accommodate the penetration of innovative medicines through the conclusion of framework agreements. They will also focus on individual cost management and enter into risk-sharing agreements with a view to ensuring timely access to treatment.

Members of the Association